Leadership for the adventurous soul

You’ve led quite a life.

You’ve done it all, and then some.

By anyone else’s metric, your achievements have been epic.

You have nothing to prove to anyone.

You’ve consistently shown that you can get from any A to any B.

Yet when you get there, it feels flat. Meaningless.

You have achieved so much, and yet you feel lost. There’s something missing.

What would it be like to find the ‘B’ that REALLY excites you?

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Why you're here

Altitude Evolution is leadership coaching for those who seek more…

You know that life has so much more to offer, and that you have more to offer the world. 

At some point in life you realised that you’ve been living on autopilot, and made the biggest decision you’ve ever made – that you were ready to take responsibility for the life you are creating.


Our approach is through facilitated experiences that combine deep coaching and leadership development training with adventure and spirituality, in some of the most wild and beautiful settings on the planet.

Are you ready to begin the journey home to yourself? It’s the greatest adventure that life has to offer!

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is, rather, the total presence of fear, with the ability to face it. 

Instead of trying to hang on to the familiar and the known, we can learn to enjoy these situations as opportunities for adventure and for deepening.


Meet your Guide

Tom Lancaster

As an experienced leader with a rich background spanning six countries and 15 industries, from fire art to filmmaking, my journey has been defined by adventure and diverse challenges. These experiences have not only shaped my understanding of leadership and innovation but also fueled my passion for guiding others on their paths to success.

My life’s trajectory has been anything but linear, providing me with unique insights into the complexities of personal and professional growth. From navigating various cultural landscapes to mastering adaptability in multiple sectors, my story is one of relentless pursuit of excellence and self-discovery.

In my 15+ years of experience as a leader, I’ve come to realize that leadership, adventure, and spirituality are intrinsically intertwined, each essential to fully grasping the others. This unique perspective forms the core of my approach, allowing me to guide others through their professional and personal journeys with a holistic and dynamic methodology.

I am dedicated to empowering game-changing leaders and visionaries, just like you. My mission is to help you unlock your fullest potential, guiding you to not only achieve your goals but to do so in a way that brings joy and authenticity into your life and work.

As someone who has mastered the art of turning challenges into stepping stones for success, I am here to support you in navigating your journey, ensuring that you emerge stronger, more confident, and more aligned with your purpose.

"Your ability to be in discomfort determines the range of experience within which you can hold onto your beingness"