Latest Musings

We’re on a Mission from God

“You’ll never get Matt and Mr. Fabulous out of them high paying gigs.” “Oh yeah? We’re on a mission from God.” The Blues Brothers is one of my all time favourite movies. One of the things that struck me about this movie when I rewatched it the other day was The Blues Brothers’ conviction in achieving their impossible goal.

Changing Your Relationship with Fear

Fear. When it comes down to it, it’s always fear. Fear that stops you from making that phone call. Declaring your passion. Taking the leap. Climbing the mountain. But do you know what you are REALLY afraid of? And is your fear such a bad thing? How many times in the last week, month, or year have you let fear stop you from taking action? Why do you think that is?

The Cost of Doing It All

You’re exhausted. You started your business with a vision and a dream, a dream of impact, service, success, and ultimately, freedom. Freedom from the 9-to-5, to spend your time doing the things you love with the people you love. But somewhere along the way, your business started running you...