Let's find
YOUR adventure

You are more powerful than you imagine

Success comes easily to you, but something is missing

You’ve summited the corporate mountain.

You’ve played sport at the highest level.

You’ve excelled in art.

Maybe you’ve done all of these, or more

You have nothing to prove to anyone, except yourself.

What you have proved is that you can get from any ‘A’ to any ‘B’…

But what do you do when you get there?

Here’s what you don’t want anyone to know about you.

It’s quite possible that you’ve never admitted this to anyone, even yourself, but somehow it all feels flat, meaningless and uninspiring.

You arrive at one destination, and immediately begin the next quest. You’re constantly in flux, living in the liminal space between here and there.

No matter how much stuff you accumulate, or how much your peers, colleagues and clients celebrate you, you feel lost, afraid and alone.

You’re bored, because this all seems too easy, but at the same time you feel like a fraud, just waiting to be caught out at any moment.

Deep, meaningful relationships seem to elude you, even though that would be a surprise to anyone who knows you.

You know there is more available to you, that great adventure awaits, if only you could find the right map.

The right ‘B’. The one that really excites you. The one that lights you up.

The project or challenge or career that is your true calling in life. 

Your purpose.

Here’s the thing.

It’s not about any destination.

The freedom, safety and fulfilment you seek already exist within you, if you’re willing to explore the untrodden trails within.

The more you search for success outside yourself, the less successful you feel.

The more you accumulate, the less you feel you have.

The more others celebrate you, the more you feel like a failure.

I know this, because I’ve been there. I’m walking that path.

Our work together

The work we do will be unlike anything you have ever done before. 

Through a combination of adventure, coaching and somatic meditation, we will uncover the REAL you.

You’ll discover how you create the patterns and habits that have made you as successful as you are, and more importantly how they hold you back from what you REALLY want.

As you become more you, as you show up as a leader in your own life first, your impact will grow exponentially, and you’ll discover fulfilment you never knew was possible.

Together, we will embark on an adventure that leads back home to YOU. You’ll find access to feelings that have been long subdued, freedom to create the life YOU want.

My promises to you

You already have, know, and are everything you need

The success, safety, courage, and fulfilment you desire exist inside you, they are not some ‘destination’ that you have to arrive at. I will work with you to uncover them from the inside out, exposing the full richness and vitality that life has to offer. You’ll be left with real, lasting fulfilment,  the deep excitement about life that has you leap out of bed in the morning ready for everything the world has to offer you.

You are more powerful than you imagine

Your brilliant mind has got you to here, but it is also keeping you here. When you connect powerfully to your intuition, the speed and impact of your creations will skyrocket. The universe will begin opening doors to you, the path will be revealed in such a way that all you need to do is step through the door.

The life you truly desire is much closer than you think

You’ll be amazed at how close your 3, 10 or even 25 year goals are after we do the deep inner work of uncovering the patterns that keep you rooted where you are. You’ll also be amazed how much simpler your TRUE desires are than the ones your experiences have told you you should be aiming for. Together we will create a life for you that allows you to FEEL the way you want to, every day.

I don't work with everyone.

I'm probably not for you if: